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Kimberly Evans

01/07/2020 - FIVE STARS on  Facebook

I totally forgot to get my 2 boxers food (that's the only place I buy it) in a panic I called them 5 mins before they closed and asked them if they would stay a few minutes late so my husband could come down (about 8 mins away) the owner asked what kind of food and found it and had it ready when my husband got there.. They are an amazing place!

Maddie Nieto

08/26/21 - FIVE STARS on Facebook

The staff here were extremely kind, patient, and helpful when I came in for my German Shepherd/Husky’s first birthday, helping me find healthy treats & tough toys and even a cute birthday cookie!

Raleigh Smith

01/15/2019 - FIVE STARS on Facebook

I went into the Grants Pass store yesterday as I had a problem with my nursing rescue dog not eating much of anything I tried to feed her. I tried everything and she just snubbed her nose at it. They were so helpful and recommended Primal freeze dried food- venison. Pretty expensive stuff. But wow- it did the trick. Thank you for taking the time to go over this food with me.

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